Used Marine Actuators

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Used Marine Actuators

The ALANG Hub service maintenance department is augmented by our large inventory of marine spare parts.

ALANG Hub has a large client network across the world including India, U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, South East, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, South America, UAE, New Zealand, Thailand, New York, Turkey, Russia, Singapore & Latin America. We are having satisfied client base from ship management companies, ship owners, ship repairs, ship suppliers & traders.

Heinzmann Actuators

For more than 100 years, HEINZMANN has been developing and manufacturing high-performance actuators. The portfolio encompasses electric actuators for any type of engine, for original fitting just like for retrofitting. Recognized for their fast and precise performance, HEINZMANN actuators are robust and operate reliably - reflecting the highest quality demands we make on our products.

Direct Acting Rotary Actuators


ActuatorStG 3005 /
StG 3010
StG 1 / StG 2StG 2005 /
StG 2010 /
StG 2040 /
StG 2080
StG 3StG 2005 DP /
StG 2040 DP
StG 2120


Compact Automatic Voltage Regulator for small synchronous machines UNITROL 1000-15 and UNITROL 1000-40

UNITROL 1000-15 Covers a wide application range

The UNITROL 1000-15 is an Automatic Voltage Regulator of the latest design for synchronous
generators and synchronous motors. The implementation of the most advanced microprocessor
technology together with IGBT semiconductors enables it to be used in a wide range of applications.

The maximum output current is 15 A and the power input can be from an AC or DC source.

The UNITROL 1000-15 has all the elements of
excitation control built inside. A powerful signal
processor running extensive control software
guarantees excellent performance under all

DECS-400, Digital Excitation Control System

The DECS-400 is a versatile digital excitation control system for synchronous generators and motors. It has the flexibility to be utilized for either exciter field applications or static exciter applications up to 2,500 Adc. This makes the DECS-400 ideal for new and retrofit applications. The DECS-400 can be provided in many configurations to meet specific requirements and redundancy needs. Basler offers customized and standard solutions engineered to meet a wide variety of applications.