SBS5000 EGE Monitor

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SBS5000 EGE Monitor

SBS5000 EGE Monitor

Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor

Early Warning & Soot Fire Protection

The SBS5000 Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor provides your crew with a comprehensive tool for maintaining the efficiency of exhaust gas economizers by giving an accurate diagnosis.

The SBS5000 EGE Monitor dynamically controls the crucial parameters in relation to the engine load and thus provides a precise, real-time indication of the EGE's efficiency and problems under build-up.

SBS Technology founded in 1999 has several years of practice in monitoring emissions, gasses, and machinery functions on ocean going vessels. More than 1200 delivered systems give us the decisive experience for providing state of the art technology to satisfy customer needs.

Key Features

Q Dynamic parameter monitoring dependent on engine load

62 Monitoring of temperatures, pressure drop, circulation flow

 Easy configuration of early warnings and alarms

) Made to fit any type of exhaust gas boiler

0 Maintain economizer efficiency

m Demand responsive cleaning

m Avoid steam blockage

m Automatic auxiliary pump start

0 Avoid soot fire

m Avoid EGE meltdown

m Cost effective protection against high damage risk