Kongsberg and Norcontrol Systems

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Kongsberg and Norcontrol Systems

The ALANG Hub service maintenance department is augmented by our large inventory of marine spare parts.

ALANG Hub has a large client network across the world including India, U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, South East, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Norway, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, South America, UAE, New Zealand, Thailand, New York, Turkey, Russia, Singapore & Latin America. We are having satisfied client base from ship management companies, ship owners, ship repairs, ship suppliers & traders.



Remote Control System AutoChief 4

Digital Governor Unit - DGU 8800

Data Chief 1000 (OCP 8810)

Main Computer Units MCU 8625

Signal Acquisition Unit SAX 8810

Engine Telegraph - Autochief 4

Auto Chief 7 (Safety System Unit) ​

Watch Bridge Unit (WBU)

CPU Vectra VL 400

Auto Chief 4 (Safety System Unit)

Marine Embedded  Computers

Main Engine Remote Control Device


Generator Control Unit - GCU 8810

CPU Vectra VL 6

Safety System Unit - SSU 8810

Process Control Unit PCU 8810

Signal Acquisition Unit - SAU 8810

Digital Governor System - DGS 8800

Operator Control Panel - OCP 8810

Digital Governor Unit - DGU 8800F

Order Printer Unit - OPU 8810

Remote Control System  AutoChief 7

​​Level Gauging Unit - LGU 8810

Main Engine Backup  Control Unit

Digital Governor Unit - DGU 8800e

Kyma Performance Monitor KDU 200

MCU IC 600

Watch Calling Unit - WCU

​DC 2000 (Data Chief)

Master Clock Interface - MCI

Watch Cabin Unit Kongsberg 

Bridge Wing Unit BWU 9308