Ballast Water Management System

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Ballast Water Management System

We want to protect

this wonderful natural world

and pass it on to the next generation.



At MIURA, we will cherish those wishes and use the whole strength of the company to work towards our mission of “Helping customers all over the world in energy conservation and environmental preservation.”


One major support for those efforts is the ballast water management system (BWMsS),

which contributes to the preservation of the marine environment around the world.


Our Ship Machinery Department has over fifty years of proven results

and experience and is playing a key role as we utilize our technology and the trust in

MIURA and put all our efforts into the achievement of our aims.



In October 2019, MIURA ACQUIRED USCG (United States Coast Guard) type approval, for which preparations had  been underway, and became the first Manufacturer in Japan to obtain such approval for the filtration method with UV treatment. Looking to the future, we will continue to work to conduct a range of thorough checks in order to allow us to respond to the respond to the demands of our customer from global standpoint, and offer safer products that provide greater peace of mind.






We have MIURA HK 300u and MIURA HK 450 available with us and can arrange more different models and other company like ALFA LAVAL, HYDE GUARDIAN Etc...


Environmentally friendly system with a uniquely developed filter and UV reactor combination


The greatest feature of the Miura BWMS is its structure,

which uses a uniquely developed filter to capture microorganism of 50 um or larger from the ballast water

and then uses a UV reactor to irradiate the organisms with ultraviolet (UV) light to sterilize them.

It is an environmentally friendly system with no impact on the organisms where the treated ballast water is discharged,

because no active substances (chemicals) are used.

It can continue to exhibit its performance in each of the different water qualities of sea water,

brackish water and fresh water.

The obligation to install

a ballast water management system


Ballast Water Management Convention came into force on

September 8, 2017. This means that the installation of a “ballast

water management system” is required for all newly constructed

vessels that are completed from September 2017 onwards.

Furthermore, all vessels currently in service are required to

complete the installation before the renewal of their IOPP

certificate, which is between September 2017 and September

2024. MIURA has sold BWMS since 2014 and has built up a

proven record of their installation on newly constructed vessels

and their retrofitting on vessels already in service.


Ballast water management systems

to maintain the marine ecosystem

Miura BWMS is a clean type of system that combine a filter and sterilization

using UV light. One feature of the method of sterilization using UV light is that

no active substances are used during the treatment, so there is no impact on the

organisms where the treated ballast water is discharged.

We developed a filter for the management system that can reliably capture

organism of 50 um or larger and added a multi-stage cleaning function with

high maintainability. The medium pressure UV pipe used in the UV sterilization

was newly developed to save electricity and extend the service life and the

optimal sterilization performance was achieved by using the illumination intensity and the flow rate to calculate and control the amount of irradiation.


Environmentally friendly product creation

MIURA aims to be the best partner of heat, water and the

environment and has acquired ISO 14001 certification from

2007. We are promoting environmental activities around the

three pillars of the environmental contribution from our

products, the consideration for the environment at our offices

Sea water and factories, and our social contribution related to the

environment. In our BWMS too, in addition to the

environmental contribution from the products themselves, we

also give consideration to environmental conservation during

our manufacturing processes.


An original cleaning system to maintain the capture performance of the filter


MIURA has developed a filter with an innovative structure that makes filter cleaning possible at the same time as the capture of the organisms in the ballast water. With MIURA’s unique multi-stage cleaning function, the maintainability and performance are supported and the capturing function of the filter is maintained. The filter is always maintained in a clean state, so it does not require the time and effort of the crew of the vessel and the primary duties in cargo handling can be performed smoothly.


Reliable sterilization of organisms with a uniquely developed UV irradiation method.


MIURA started the installation of the independently developed BWMS from 2014. As we have accumulated proven results in the installation of the system, we have also received favorable evaluations of the sterilization performance for S-sized and smaller organisms and for fungi. We are implementing repeated improvements to reduce power consumption and extend the service life and are aiming for further quality improvements. A cleaning function has been included inside the UV reactor to reduce the

maintenance work that the crew of the vessel must perform.


Proportional control operation to realize reduced

electricity consumption and longer service life

The short service life of UV lamp was previously the disadvantage

of UV irradiation, but we have improved this with a

method of operation that uses proportional control. A UV

sensor monitors the UV illumination intensity and the amount

of UV irradiation is controlled. This saves electricity and

extends the service life.


The touch screen type control panel easily operated from the ship’s office